Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Terrorists Learn Their Skills Where?

Humm, I've oft said this, but it is becoming more clear that the longer we stay in Iraq, the more skilled the terrorists are becoming. This little report is chilling, but the last two paragraphs are more disturbing. What happens when these Iraq trained jihadists land on our soil and start using their honed GI and civilian killing skills on us directly? Lots of murder, no doubt. Remember, the fact that no large scale terrorist attack has happened since 9/11 is not proof that the "war" is working. I would have my diploma revoked if I drew conclusions that way.
A British security expert in Kabul said the insurgents "are learning from experiences developed in Iraq and other conflict zones such as Chechnya." "

This is partly due to Afghans learning their skills abroad but also insurgents from other countries coming to Afghanistan and passing on their techniques acting as embedded trainers," he said.


rock city said...

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destroy fascism said...

You are correct is presuming that "no terror attacks in the U.S. since 9/11" certainly does not mean that the "war on terror" is working, but the reason I can safely say that there is no correlation between the two is because I know that the reason there have been no more "terrorist attacks" in America since 9/11 [and the made-in-Fort Detrick anthrax attacks, designed to facilitate passage of the Patriot Act] is precisely because the Bushites haven't NEEDED any more "terror attacks"; 9/11 did everything it's planners at the P.N.A.C. envisioned and then some. But if ever the Bushitlerites decide it would advance their agenda [and as long as it wouldn't make it more obvious who was behind it, and 9/11], they certainly would have another "terror attack" in America. They haven't any scruples whatsoever, and they have seen so far that the average American is too intellectually uncurious, too gullible and too psychologically weak to raise serious questions about 9/11, so that's certainly not a deterring factor regarding future inside job false flag "terror attacks".