Friday, December 30, 2005

Trickle Down Intelligence

There's a great post by the Bastard over at Bring It On. Here's one sentence to wet your whistle and a comment I left there in reply:
The Bastard Said (Correction - as per the comment by the Psychotic Patriot attached to this post, I miss referenced the Bastard's quote. This quote was from a feature posted by the Bastard at BIO, but orginally written by the Psychotic Patriot. I urge you to visit that location as well. Seems like some good stuff, my apologies all around):
I sit at the edge of another vast wasteland; not the television itself, but the growing vacuum between the ears of America, and sadly, it's growing in one direction only.
Windspike replies:
The vapid vacuousness between ears is only a reflection of the void at the very top - let's call it trickle down intelligence. In that mission, ignorance propagated becomes bliss for the masses.


Sar said...

Bravo, Windspike.

*applauding in admiration*

Anonymous said...

Actually, the The Psychotic Patriot wrote the first statement you quoted in this post, and The Bastard featured it. I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you stop by and visit once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Though I agree with the second half of your reply, Windspike, I can't accept the first half.

We're not watching Nero fiddle while Rome burns here. We're watching Nero set the fires and then harangue the masses into allowing a totally new state to be built. The systematic undermining of America's constitutional pillars doesn't stem from a void at the top. Quite the opposite.

BTW, I'm blogrolling you this morning, as I find myself stopping by fairly frequently. Happy New Year.

Neil Shakespeare said...

I'm all for bliss for the masses, but even ignorance doesn't seem to be working...

Happy New One, Windspike, to you and yours.