Monday, December 05, 2005

Some Folks Just Don't Think Well On Their Feet

This is a candidate for the worst (grammatically, that is) response to a reporters question ever typed in the press briefings since I have been reading them:
Q Do you think the federal government ought to come up with some sort of bail-out for the auto makers, or do you think the market out to be able to sort this out?

DIRECTOR HUBBARD: Again, the -- GM and Ford have very successfully succeeded in the marketplace, and we expect them to continue to succeed in the marketplace. There doesn't need to be any -- they don't need a bail-out. All they need is the time to restructure, and we're confident they'll be very successful.

Of Course, the reason this reporter asked this question was because the Administration is trying to blow sunshine up our skirts loudly trumpeting their trumped up statistics they suggest demonstrate our economy is going splendidly. How many times does a person have to repeat the word or some variation of the word "succesful" before they start to believe it? Again, I am reminded of the scene in Animal House where the ROTC dude is yelling at the on rushing crowd, "all is well, remain calm." And he is promptly trampled flat.

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