Friday, December 02, 2005

Lest We Forget

I just saw this little historical tidbit and it reminded me about the fine republican tradition of over stepping one's authority in unethical and downright immoral ways. No wonder we are having so much trouble with the GOP these days:

Washington, Dec 2, 1954--The Senate voted 67 to 22 tonight to condemn Joseph R. McCarthy, Republican Senator from Wisconsin.

Every one of the forty-four Democrats present voted against Mr. McCarthy. The Republicans were evenly divided--twenty-two for condemnation and twenty-two against. The one independent, Senator Wayne Morse of Oregon, also voted against Mr. McCarthy.

In the ultimate action the Senate voted to condemn Senator McCarthy for contempt of a Senate Elections subcommittee that investigated his conduct and financial affairs, for abuse of its members, and for his insults to the Senate itself during the censure proceeding.

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