Wednesday, December 21, 2005

W, Rove and Co Hand Victory to the Terrorists

Every step of the way, the terrorists seem to be gaining ground - being handed victory by the W, Rove and Co under the guise of "protecting us." Here's a nice post by Ken over at Common Sense. Pop over there to view the whole post. I follow with my comment I left there as a response:
...Government is also exploiting our legitimate fear of enemy attacks into an excuse to abridge freedom and bypass the rule of law. If the enemy seeks to destroy our freedom and democracy, and this administration, under the guise of protecting us from our fears, takes away our freedoms and ignores the rule of law, then the enemy wins a small victory without even having to fight. Indeed, the actions of this administration have given the enemy a victory without even realizing it. As it now stands, we have an actual enemy who wants to kill us, and an enemy in our own government that wants to limit our hard fought freedoms in the name of security.
Here's my reply:
This is one righteous post Ken. Hope should trump fear, but it's the fear these mongers in the whitehouse keep peddling. Certainly, they are lazy. That's the easy way to stir action out of people. Hope just makes folks feel good. Fear gets us stocking up on rolls of duct tape and a run on the local big box store for any kind of supply that might aid in the nuclear winter.

Hope takes creativity.
Fear takes meanness to propogate
Hope takes optimism
Fear takes pessimism
Hope brings smiles to faces
Fear gives shock and awe
Hope brings people together
And ultimately,
fear tears people apart

It is really tragic that the W sold himself as a "uniter, not a divider." Because the penultimate political strategy for this administration is to divide, separate, and concquer - Vini Vidi Vici - but in the end, what will they be left with. That indeed, from my view is a constitution riddled with holes, a divided nation very much on the brink of economic ruin - see, in the end, fear begets more fear and pessimism.

I think it was Roosevelt that said, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself." And he couldn't have been a better prognosticator - Indeed, it seems he was spot on.


Anonymous said...

Uniter, divider, liar: it's all the same to GWB

The revelation that President Bush secretly authorized a domestic spying program has incited a handful of Congressional Democrats to discuss his possible impeachment. And while continued Republican control of Congress makes such a move extremely unlikely, the word is reemerging into mainstream political discourse.

The "I-word" is back.

destroy fascism said...

You are correct, it was FDR who said "All we have to fear is fear itself", pretty deep when one thinks about it, and a classic. Repubs use scare tactics in the same way that the guys that they pattern themselves after did- the Nazis. It is a shortcut to thinking. They don't want a nation of thinking people who will analyze the government's decisions and motives and draw reasonable conclusions, instead they want a nation of nerve endings that don't think, just REACT, like Pavlov's dogs. Hence the color-coded "terror alert level" system. With that wretched device they have a way to immediately ratchet up the fear of the masses whenever it becomes expedient, like it was on a giant dial that when they need to they can turn it a little more to the right and have all of us running around like chickens with our heads cut off, scared of our own shadow. And when people are in that state, not only do they not question the actions/motives of government, they are willing to agree to ANYTHING no matter how draconian or horrific just to relieve their anxiety. Like in Orwell's "1984", the Bushites desire a permanant state of "controlled insanity", manipulated by themselves. They manipulate our fears, and we let them do so. The only reason we haven't seen another "terrorist attack" in America since the Bushites' 9/11 inside job and the made-in-Fort Detrick anthrax attacks is simply because the Bushites haven't NEEDED one. 9/11 had all the effects its planners in the P.N.A.C. hoped for and then some. Rest assured, if the Bushites need another "terrorist attack" to happen in America in order to motivate people to do something, they'll have one.