Sunday, December 18, 2005

Left Behind

Have a gander at this booklet. Found it at Grumpy Old Man's location:
...The reality gap between fundamentalist and urban liberals is unfathomable. Liberal observers watching from a safe distance in New York or San Francisco conclude it is pure stupidity that caused millions of Americans to continue to support of the Bush junta in the face of overwhelming evidence of lies, deceit and contempt for the constituttion, even as the fat cats raided their retirements and picked their pockets at every turn. Others think it is just plain meanness that attracted them to Bush. And so do I sometimes...that poisonous toad Karl Rove being their chief deity of meanness for meanness sake.

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isabelita said...

You know, a large part of it IS meanness. I have been involved with an online book group, and politics have been seeping in a bit on an auxilary site, partly owing to some of our Australian members asking what out thoughts were, since the Bush regime has been doing its hard work of ruining our country and the world. Several of the members ahve flushed out as Bush supporters, and you should have seen some of their thinly veiled smugness over the fate of Katrina victims, for one thing... how THEY beleived in hard work, not getting handouts, ad nauseum. These are supposedly intelligent people, who are able to read. And they buy hook line and sinker into Bush/Cheney/Rove keeping us safe...
It is awful to me, that they can't open their eyes. But they are bullies at heart, I think, if they admire our leaders.