Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Racist Presidents

Is it more important that the president not be a racist or that his staff not be racists? Certainly, if W doesn't read or listen to polls but expects to act on the advice of a few "good" and close advisors, he is only as racist as his advisors. No? This one reason why I am for Cornel West and Aaron McGruder for POTUS and VPOTUS in aught eight. Still, the actions certainly speak more volumes than the rhetoric of the W, Rove and Co:
Go ahead, April.

Q Scott, the President said something very poignant in the Brian Williams interview, that he doesn't care what people call him, but don't call him a racist. Is he concerned, still three months after the Katrina relief effort, that there are still some African Americans who may feel that -- the same way as Kanye West, and in these next three years, what can the President do to help turn that feeling around?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, what we can continue to do is work with state and local officials and the people in the region to help rebuild New Orleans, and help rebuild the Gulf Coast region and Mississippi and Alabama. There's a large area that was affected by the hurricanes, and the President has talked about this before.

I think what was exposed by the hurricanes was the deep roots of injustice and inequality that have existed. And that's why the President has been acting to address those -- the root causes of that inequality and injustice. And we will continue acting on the policies that we have been pursuing, whether it be the education reforms we have put in place, or reaching out to faith-based and community organizations, or helping lift people out of poverty by moving forward on pro-growth policies. The President has been acting to help people improve their quality of life. And, yes, the question came up yesterday, and I think that there were some that expressed some views that did concern the President. And that's why the President responded the way that he did.

Q But some are saying -- some had been saying that prior to Katrina, and some are saying that Kanye West just exposed the whisperers in the African American community from many years prior to Katrina. What can the President do beyond these steps that you said --

MR. McCLELLAN: As you point out, there's a deep history of this within the region that was exposed by the hurricanes. And that's why we must continue to act to address the root causes of that inequality and injustice. And that's what the President will continue to do. He will also continue working to bring people together from all walks of life to focus on the priorities that we care most about, and that is making sure that the American people have the opportunity to succeed and prosper.

Q But, lastly, and still back on the question I'm trying to get an answer to, is the President still concerned that there is a pocket of African Americans beyond the people who live in Louisiana that feel that -- that still, I guess, feel what Kanye West has said?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, I'm not sure exactly what he said. I don't recall exactly what he said. All I can tell you is what the President is doing --

Q "The President does not care about black people" --

MR. McCLELLAN: Oh, okay, that is just outrageous. And I think the President expressed that yesterday in the interview with Brian Williams. It's outrageous to make such a suggestion like that. And it's based on an ill-informed -- it's ill-informed and misguided comments. The President has acted to help people from all walks of life. And all you have to do is look at his record. The President has acted to make sure everybody has the opportunity to learn and succeed through the No Child Left Behind Act. These are historic education reforms. And that's the best way we can help to address these injustices and inequalities that exist.

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Anonymous said...

Rethinking rebuilding NOLA

No one in the White House has a head for speaking the truth. They dissemble when they should speak plainly even when it hurts them.

The Administration has essentialy done nothing on rebuilding NOLA, because nothing can be done until the levees are brought to a higher standard. A decision should be made on the fundamental question: Is it practical to finance an underwater city? If not, move on.

The decision has nothing to do with black people, white people, or any other people. The Administration is a bunch of white-bread mo-fo's (no matter what their color), but the problem with rebuilding NOLA has nothing to do with color. The Administration just can make up its mind that its a good idea to face reality.