Thursday, December 29, 2005

How About A Different Cut

Instead of cutting things like medicare and the other such programs that benefit those less fortunate than our republican leadership, howsabout cutting the gigantic budget for perpetrating the so called "war on drugs;" which incidentially, is another war we are not winning with the current strategy:
Republicans in Congress have been scrambling to cut federal spending to reduce a record deficit. Their 2006 Deficit Reduction Act would cut a paltry $40 billion over five years. If they want to find more savings, they should look to dubious spending on the dubious war on drugs -- to the high cost of incarcerating first-time nonviolent drug offenders, of mandating longer sentences for crack cocaine than powder cocaine and of using federal clout to raid medical-marijuana clubs, prosecute offenders and house them in prison. Cut these programs and Washington could move this country closer to what President H. W. Bush announced as his goal, "a kinder, gentler" America.
This seems like a wonderful idea. Moreover, instead of waging war on pot smokers, perhaps we could make it legal and tax the shit out of it - thus generating a multibillion dollar revenue stream that has not ever been a part of this "trickle down" economy; which by the way never seems to trickle far enough.


rock city said...

I saw you jogging this morning as my bus was turning the corner (i won't say where in case some reich-wing nutjob comes after you), and you looked very, very serious.

I can just imagine you going over in your head this so-called war on drugs and 'fuck' the government and impeach. IMPEACH.

Anyway, i'll try to stop by saturday.

frstlymil said...

Ah, but your idea would make WAY too much sense, would be too easy in the way of generating revenue - and no one using the drug would argue the tax - in other words - they'd never go for it. But it's a great concept.

windspike said...

Hmm. Rock City, I get that serious comment all too often, but I don't know how one looks less than serious while trying to avoid getting hit by busses and other random traffic here in our fair city...but even so, you may be right about what I was thinking. WHERE IS MY FUCKING IMPEACHMENT? We deserve one no?

Blog on brother, blog on and I hope we see you this sat eve.

Oh, Frstlymil, thanks for popping over and leaving a comment. You may be down right right about the idea being too sound. But someday, the correct collection of individuals may orbit the lawmaking universe and converge on it, no?

Neil Shakespeare said...

And they could save a lot of money by ending that darn War on Christmas too. As to the 40 million over 5 years: my brother had a great quote on that: "That's like tossing a dixie cup off the Titanic to lighten the load."