Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The War On Terror

Much like the largely unmitigating "war on drugs," we are loosing the "war on terror." Frankly, I can't see how it is a winning proposition. Terrorist action can take on too many novel forms, and with a little bit of planning, creative and devious thinking, improvised, unexpected actions may in fact prove to spark unspeakable terror (the whole point of terrorism).

It seems that to successfully defend our nation against any and all forms of terrorism would require further erosion of the civil liberties we hold so dear and be quite costly, not to mention presenting a game that is impossible to win. Much like the war on drugs, the war on terror has become a machine for generating great profit by syphoning giant sums of cash from the people and delivering it to a small number of war-time capitalists. Thank you W, Rove and Co - more social welfare for friends of the Bush Administration.

Rather than further contributing to the hemorrhaging of the National Treasury to the detriment of our collective future, perhaps there is only one way to actually win a war on terror. That is, we must insist that we live our lives as normally as possible, and we do not allow the sacrifice of our personal liberties in the name of defending our freedom. When terrorist actions affect and impede our daily behaviors, detract from our liberties and personal freedoms, they - the terrorist - have in fact, won.

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