Sunday, November 27, 2005

Another Reason Al Queda Members Like to Blow Themselves Up

I'm convinced of at least two reasons why folks in Al Queda are willing to blow themselves up for the miniscule results they espouse to attain. 1) And, I have stated this before, they don't surf. After being astounded and blown away by attending a Cirque Du Soleil performance last evening, here's another. 2) They've never seen anything by a Cirque Du Soleil troop. Instead, they choose to spend their wealth inhabiting deep and forbidding locals like the outer edges of Afganistan and Pakistan, abstain from using alcohol, and want to have their women shrouded in cloaks. Perhaps a better way to battle Al Queda (and substantially cheeper) would be to buy them all tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil performance. Their lives will be forever changed.


SheaNC said...

Another sure-fire method: they need to see The Kids Are Alright. Then they'll see the light!

rock city said...

Sheilan told me she had planned to see that performance. Except she called it "Circus Ole".