Monday, November 28, 2005


No doubt, Jon Kyl is betting his Senate seat that W doesn't foul up his campaign like he did for the Gubernatorial races last November. But really, I am getting very tired of the usual Bush drivel. Who writes this shit? Is the average IQ of a Bush believer a little above a squirrel in the park?
He also married well. (Laughter.) And so did I. Laura sends her love to Jon and Carol. (Applause.) Plus I had the privilege of driving in the limousine with Arlene Kyl, Mom. And I want you to know that Jon Kyl, United States Senator from Arizona, still listens to his mother. (Laughter and applause. That's a pretty good sign, isn't it?
Really, it is altogether too bad W didn't listen to his Father about Iraq, no?

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Anonymous said...

And Jon Kyl understands that in this war on terror it's important to have members of the United States Senate who understand mixed messages, and who understand that when we've got a kid in harm's way, that soldier deserves all the very best that the federal government can give him in terms of equipment and training and support. (Applause.) - President G. W. Bush

That's why the troops went out in insufficient numbers in unarmored Humvees and bought their own body armor.

If that 'kid' gets home and gets rich, the President will support him with a tax cut.

If there's anyone who understands mixed messages, it's this President.