Thursday, November 17, 2005

Moonbats and Masturbators

Reviewing a recent critique of an LA times op-ed article, I found a wonderful sentence. The whole article is over at DailyKOS and is quite enjoyable if you are even offended by the term "moonbat," which by the way is wholy the creation of folks who needed to come up with a better term than wingnut (which is a reference to themselves) as a derogatory (as if they need others) word for liberal types. Anyway, without further ado:
In the end, the Los Angeles Times, as with every other paper in the nation, has a basic decision to make. What is the purpose of editorial content? Is it meant to educate readers? To debate issues? To provide new, original ideas that cannot or will not be presented by the politically powerful? To attack? Or simply as masturbatory fodder for those few readers who treat their political affiliations with the all-encompassing fervor that they treat sports franchises, less concerned with either education, debate, knowledge or accuracy than with half-drunken taunts at the opposing team [emphasis added]?
That last sentence was beautiful - ten points from my book to theirs.


enigma4ever said...

great post, and great sentence...better than Vonnegut...makes me wish I wrote it..

enigma4ever said...

I couldn't get to the other post you did about republicans worries etc....Something wrong with the posting- thought I would let you know....missed it :(

isabelita said...

Yes. The Repugs treat winning elcetions like a frickin' pennant race, it's part of their inner inadequacy, gotta beat everybody and brag and rub it in and make up for the fact that they're losers, and can't obtain anything except through cheating and lying.
Time to lose, losers. Time to lose these losers.