Sunday, November 27, 2005

More Value for Your Taxpayer Dollars

Humm. With increased calls from both sides of Congress for the W, Rove and Co to step up and explain their Iraqi War plans, they seem intent on using taxpayer dollars to defend the dictator they blew the shit out of Bagdad to remove. Does anyone else sense the deep and foreboding irony in this?
Iraqi police arrested eight Sunni Arabs in the northern city of Kirkuk for allegedly plotting to assassinate the investigating judge who prepared the case against Saddam Hussein, a senior police commander said Sunday. The announcement came as former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark arrived in Baghdad, airport officials said, apparently to aid in Saddam's defense.

Meanwhile, an Iraqi police commander said four aid workers, including two Canadians and a Briton, were kidnapped. Brig. Hussein Kamal, the deputy interior minister for intelligence, refused to discuss any details.

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SheaNC said...

Maybe they want to make sure George Bush Sr. doesn't get called as a witness, as Hussein's weapons supplier!