Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Only One Question Really Remains

How far up their own asses does the W, Rove and Co have their heads? These guys expect us to believe the South American venture was good and successful at anything but wasting taxpayer dollars. Here: See for yourself:
MR. McCLELLAN: Good afternoon, everyone. It's good to be back from a good trip to South America. The President was pleased to visit Argentina, and had a good visit with President Kirchner. He was pleased to participate in the meetings of the Summit of the Americas, and also pleased to meet with President Lula in Brazil, and visit Panama, as well. That was the first time he had been to Panama, and it was a very good visit.

The trip was very good in the sense that it reaffirmed the commitment of the nations to move forward on strengthening democratic institutions and advancing opportunity and prosperity in the region for all people. There was a good discussion about ways to lift people out of poverty, and good discussion on moving forward on the Doha Round. There was also good discussion about reaffirming our commitments to important shared values and principles, such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech, adhering to the rule of law, fighting corruption.

And so the President was very pleased with the trip, and we are glad to be back and look forward to going to Asia next week.[emphasis added] The President had some good interviews earlier this morning with some foreign print media from those countries that we will be traveling to early next week. And with that, I'll be glad to go to your questions.

So W, was pleased. By what measure, you ask? Good question. Well, there was no mention of any successful resolutions in W's most recent speechifying. However, we can see why he thinks it was a "good visit":
You know, Laura and I are thrilled to be here with Jerry and Marty. I like a guy who loves his wife. (Applause.) I sure love mine. (Applause.) We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary in Argentina. (Applause.) I told her if she married me I'd take her to -- I'd celebrate our anniversary in exotic places.

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