Tuesday, November 29, 2005

P.S. Mommy and Daddy Send Their Love

Looks like Congresswoman Musgrave is taking the W political gamble as well. Let's see if she gets the nod from folks outside of her fundraising circle. Here's some more drivel from our campaigner-in-cheif:
And I want to thank you all for coming to support her. I want to remind you, it's one thing to support a person with your hard-earned wages; it's another thing to support a person with your time and efforts. So when the time comes, I hope you're dialing the phones and knocking on the doors and helping defeat the special interests that are trying to drive her out of office. (Applause.)

I appreciate Marilyn because she's a hard worker. You know, some of them get up to Congress and they take it easy, take things for granted. Not this Congressperson. She's home in her district because she cares about the people of Colorado. I know she cares about the people of Colorado because every time I see her she says, I want to remind you about the values that are important in Colorado. (Laughter.)

She's not only a hard worker, she brings common-sense values to Washington, D.C. And that's a town that needs some common-sense values. (Applause.) In order to keep this country safe, in order to keep this country strong, we need people like Marilyn Musgrave in the United States Congress. (Applause.)

By the way, Laura agrees with me. (Laughter.) I'd like us to hang around for lunch, but I've got to head back to Washington and have dinner with her -- and my mother and dad, by the way, who send their love, as well, to the Congresswoman. (Applause.)

It's a good thing W has so much spare time that he can stump for the rubber chicken party circut. Not only that, but I sure wish he would follow up on his words with some actions in the positive direction:
Good thing about Marilyn, she also understands Washington has got to be wise about how we spend your money. We're working on a lean budget up there, and it's good to have strong fiscal conservatives in Washington, D.C. to fight off the tendency of Washington to spend too much.
How big is the National Debt, and how much is it increasing daily? Is W suggesting that he is a a fiscal conservative or a fiscally irresponsible republican? Methinks it's the latter.

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isabelita said...

Georgie boy, he likes them big white girls. Like his wife, like that adviser of his, Karen Hughes. Don't know how Condi made the mix.