Friday, November 11, 2005

In Cold Blood

If you haven't seen the 1967 verson of the film, In Cold Blood, it's worth a look. I haven't read Capote's book, but no doubt it is better. Even so, this film is an excellent statement on the use of the "eye for an eye" strategy to deter further crime. In other words, using murder to stop murder seems like it won't ever work - more than likely, "it never has." This is a lesson the W, Rove and Co is selecting to learn repeatedly in Iraq, no?

I had not known that Robert Blake starred in the film. Given his current brush with the legal system, we see again that reality is indeed more powerful than fiction. The irony had escaped me until I watched the film last eve via Netflix.

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isabelita said...

I hated the book, AND the movie version. The book struck me at the time as a cheap way to write a story. Sensationalism. Now that's about all there is, in American movies, TV, popular fiction...