Friday, November 18, 2005

Republican Sour Grapes

Is it me, or are the Republicans in the Congress turning into a bunch of three year old cry babies? Partisan hacks to say the least. Here we have the Boss - Bruce Springsteen - pouring out his soul; entertaining the greater part of America for about 40 years. And the Repugs fail to advance an initiative to honor the man? Sour grapes, indeed:
The chamber's GOP leaders refused to bring up for consideration a resolution, introduced by Sens. Frank Lautenberg and Jon Corzine, that honored Springsteen's long career and the 1975 release of his iconic album, "

Born to Run.No reason was given, said Lautenberg spokesman Alex Formuzis. "Resolutions like this pass all the time in the U.S. Senate, usually by unanimous consent," he said.

Telephone calls to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's office seeking comment were not immediately returned.

Lautenberg said he couldn't understand why anyone would object to the resolution."Even ifthe Republicans don't like (Springsteen's) tunes, I would hope they appreciated his contributions to American culture," Lautenberg said.
Not only that, but we see that Dick Cheney should be wagging his blamming finger (you know, as in we are going to say we are not going to play the "blame game," but we actually do GOP types) at the Congress as well. Partisan hacks, Indeed! A two year old can see through this strawman ploy. They really must think we are idiots. Another reason to vote the bastards out
this time round:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a maneuver designed to discredit Iraq war critics, the Republican-led House of Representatives overwhelmingly defeated a resolution on Friday to pull U.S. troops immediately from Iraq.
Didn't work on me - did it work on you?

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Anonymous said...

Republicans to troops: Fall on your sword because we aren't going to fall on ours

An obvious ploy.

Not sure of the parliamentary procedures involved, but ... If the Republicans could have been made to register their votes first?

I'm unaware of any philosophical system that says in effect that sending troops to fight is good for them.

Nor is forcing them to soldier on in a lost cause because the people who sent them would lose face (an possibly their jobs) were they withdrawn.