Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Concerned Yet?

Thanks to the W, Rove and Co, we've Got Fear - in spades. Have we Got Concern yet? If Col Lawrence Wilkerson does, perhaps we should too:
Lately, I'm growing increasingly concerned because two things have just happened here that really make me wonder.

And the one is the questioning of Sheikh al-Libby where his confessions were obtained through interrogation techniques other than those authorised by Geneva.

It led Colin Powell to say at the UN on 5 February 2003 that there were some pretty substantive contacts between al-Qaeda and Baghdad. And we now know that al-Libby's forced confession has been recanted and we know - we're pretty sure that it was invalid.

But more important than that, we know that there was a defence intelligence agency dissent on that testimony even before Colin Powell made his presentation. We never heard about that.

Follow that up with Curveball, and the fact that the Germans now say they told our CIA well before Colin Powell gave his presentation that Curveball - the source to the biological mobile laboratories - was lying and was not a trustworthy source. And then you begin to speculate, you begin to wonder was this intelligence spun; was it politicised; was it cherry-picked; did in fact the American people get fooled - I am beginning to have my concerns.

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enigma4ever said...

Would you trust someone that uses the handle Curveball ??- no, I didn't think so...And seeing MrChalabi on interviews did he seem like a trustworthy diplomat or a used car salesman ? yeah- I thought so...And someone says a case is a "Slam Dunk" but won't let the inspections finish.????...yup- no doubt about it-some real sound critical thinking....and Bush and his cronys ejaculated us into war for WHAT ????Greed ? Oil ? you be the judge...