Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lies Drip Like Molassas Into a Deepening Morass

Good question in the Editorial at NYTimes today:
It's maddening. Why does the Bush administration keep forcing policies on the United States military that endanger Americans wearing the nation's uniform - policies that the military does not want, that do not work and that violate standards upheld by the civilized world for decades?
Moreover, why is this so when those running these operations are concerned about them:
It's a terrifying thing when the people who devote their lives to protecting our national security feel that the civilians who oversee their operations are out of control. Dana Priest reports in The Washington Post that even the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine operators are getting nervous about the network of secret prisons they have around the world - including, of all places, at a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe.
But, have no fear - the Big Dick Cheney is going to help us here:
Like so many of the most distressing stories these days - the outing of Valerie Wilson and questions about the intelligence on Iraq also come to mind - this one circles right back to Vice President Dick Cheneyoffice.

Mr. Cheney, a prime mover behind the attempts to legalize torture, is now leading a back-room fight to block a measure passed by the Senate, 90 to 9, that would impose international standards and American laws on the treatment of prisoners. Mr. Cheney wants a different version, one that would make the C.I.A.'s camps legal, although still hidden, and authorize the use of torture by intelligence agents. Mr. Bush is threatening to veto the entire military budget over this issue.


Anonymous said...

Not an original idea

Fatten up the prisoners, fix their teeth, give them a large wad of US dollars and send them back where they came from. Their friends will take care of them.

Terry Brice said...

bush and his stooges are lost black sheep, they dont know who they are, nor their purpose for their short sojern here upon the face of the earth,sometimes it looks like goodness is losing the battle,when the leaders are in bed with the devil, and they have sold themselves for 30 peices of silver, while the nation goes down the drain, yes it is a sick society in which we live.Well someone must support the lying bludgers though.