Thursday, November 03, 2005

Eleanor Roosevelt Has More Advice for the W, Rove and Co

Still reading and enjoying my copy of Eleanor Roosevelt's "This I Remember." Here's another nice reminder that many, I'm sure, wish the republicans affiliated with the W, Rove and Co would have headed [from page 148 of my copy]:
When we went back to Washington in 1936, Franklin was received with great acclaim, and his second term of office began very auspiciously. He had carried with him a big Democratic majority in the Congress, and the party members felt so secure that they began to believe they could do anything they wanted to. That is a bad attitude for any group of people to adopt, particularly when they are responsible for smooth running of a country that has only just become stabilized after a great depression.

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Ken Grandlund said...

wisdom can come from many places, can't it.

just because you are in the majority does not mean you are always right, nor does it give you permission to run roughshod over anyone who may disagree or call you to the floor for you egregious behavior.

thanks for the quote here.