Friday, November 25, 2005

Last One to Die In Iraq, Turn the Lights Off

Here's an interesting article:
The last man or woman to die in any war almost surely dies in vain: The outcome has been determined, if not certified. And he or she might die happier thinking that death came in a noble cause that will not be abandoned. But if it is not a noble cause, he or she might prefer not to die at all. Stifling criticism that might shorten the war is no favor to American soldiers. They can live without that kind of "respect."


enigma4ever said...

really good article- thanks...
Our troops desearve better, and REAL respect- we have to get them home...

Gryphen said...

Nice headline. Very eye catching.

gigotti said...

you have an interesting article. One thing I find fault in our society is the media. The most important story of any war is a Soldiers story, but unfortunately that story is rarely heard. Will each sound the same? No, this isnt a communist or dictatorship type government. The majority of the soldiers fighting this most unpopular war will tell you that their brethren have not died in vain, but rather with honor. I myself, if GOD chooses to take my life, would rather die on a cold foreign soil knowing I fought the enemy on their ground,instead of our precious soil. We will come home when either A.) the job here is done, B.) when we are told to because some politican wants us to so he can stay in office. I hope it is for the first choice, not the second because if we dont finish what we started, then our children and grand children will have to clean up what we didnt finish and I do not want that. Sorry for venting on your comments, believe me it is not against you. A soldier's story is the only source for the truth.

Anonymous said...

What one professional soldier told me last week

''Who cares what my opinion is about war? It's my job. Does your garbage man have an opinion about garbage? Why would you care what your garbage man's opinion was about garbage? Why would you care about my opinion on war?''

War is politics by other means

Under the US system of government, soldiers neither start nor stop wars. If there's a problem with war, or any particular war, it's a problem with politicians.

Don't blather about soldier's preferences. Not because they don't have preferences but because their preferences don't count.

'' ... if we dont finish what we started, then our children and grand children will have to clean up what we didnt finish .... - gigotti

Is Vietnam unfinished business?

Just plain getting out seems to have 'finished' Vietnam quite nicely. They're 'friendlies.' US companies are doing software development in Ho Chi Minh City.

Spare us the apocalyptic comments.

SheaNC said...

Anonymous, soldiers' opinions, like everyone elses', matter. And, war is not just the politicians' fault. Those who willingly engage in military aggression share the blame.

Anonymous said...

Blame the victim

SheaNC, perhaps you've forgotten the Vietnam-visiting Congressman's query?

'Do you know why you're here, soldier?'

'No sir. I thought you knew. You sent me.'