Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good News from New Orleans

Got an email update from the proprietors of our favorite B & B in New Orleans. Looks like things are shaping back up in the Big Easy. If you need a place to hang your hat, I highly recommend these folks (and no, I am not getting paid to place this post). They are off the beaten trail, but close to everything worth seeing there. I found them when I had a conference to attend and was looking for something bettter than the affiliated hotel:

Thanks to all of our guests and other friends who have expressed concern about the Benachi House and Esplanade Villa after Katrina.

Both buildings fared pretty well, with flood damage only to the heating and A/C systems under the houses. All the rooms and suites were untouched by Katrina.

Electricity was restored to the Villa about 10 days ago, and to the Benachi House only yesterday. We still have no gas for heating or cooking.

Roof and other repairs are under way. The properties are all cleaned up though the gardens are brown from salt water, and some trees have been dismembered.

I have decided to offer our rooms and suites on a monthly basis to New Orleanians who need a place to stay while they work in the City or during repairs to their homes. This reduces our costs, administrative responsibilities and serves the community.

We should resume normal B&B operations next year. Our office remains open. Amanda Hendrick has taken over from Heidi, who moved back to Boise just before the storm. After thirteen years as my Housekeeper, Marta has moved with her husband to Florida where she is working as a nanny.

Give us a call, or drop us an e-mail.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy reading the short piece about us that appeared in the New York Times this past Sunday. Just click on the link, below.

James G. Derbes, Proprietor
Cotton Brokers' Houses
Benachi House & Esplanade Villa
2257 Bayou Rd.
@ Esplanade Ave.
New Orleans
, LA 70119

Reservations (800) 308-7040

FAX (504) 525-9760

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