Thursday, August 31, 2006

How To Tell When A President Is Not Very Good

Two questions:
  1. Why do you think it is that much of the political fundraising for congressional contestents that W has conducted are at private residences?

  2. What do you think Joe Lieberman would give as advice about becoming a bit to freindly with W this go around on the run up to November?

It's actually quite easy to tell when a president is not very good. It's when people in his own party don't view him as an asset in the race to win in November. Have a look at these slices from an interesting article and you can see that W has become an anathema for the GOP folk in tight congressional races:
The Web sites of the party's candidates in the most competitive races across the country either give only a passing nod to the president or don't even mention Bush, whose popularity has been weighed down by the war in Iraq, high gas prices, economic anxieties and lingering memories of last August's Hurricane Katrina...

...Larry Sabato, a University of Virginia political scientist who has come up with the "Ferocious 40'' list of the country's most competitive House races, said Republican incumbents and challengers are doing the politically sensible thing by trying to ignore a president who could weigh them down.

"They've heard of him, but they don't know him. In past years he was a good friend, but this year there's mass amnesia,'' he said.

In addition to downplaying Bush, the Republican Web sites with a few exceptions tend to minimize Iraq. Some don't mention Iraq, which many polls show is the No. 1 issue on voters' minds....

...The fundraisers headlined by Bush are often done behind closed doors, with no media present to carry his message beyond the ranks of committed party loyalists.


pissed off patricia said...

Well see, he's a sack-o-shit and who wants to carry something like that around with them. He stinks them up!

Frederick said...


enigma4ever said...

yup...I have not seen him here campaigning with anyone-
here in Ohio- the GOP has to find little old ladies to greet him at the airport on the tarmac...and the "fundraisers" are now held in Hidden Locations- it is more like having the MOB having a "weddin'