Friday, August 25, 2006

Surprise, The W, Rove And Co Violates Another Law

In case you missed this little article in the LA Times this AM, we now have another ruling stipulating that the W, Rove and Co broke the law:
Ruling that the Bush administration "plainly violated" the Endangered Species Act, a federal judge overturned a regulation Thursday that streamlined approval of pesticides by eliminating reviews by wildlife officials responsible for protecting rare animals and plants.
Lest you be tricked by their rhetoric where they claim they are dedicated to the environment, we have to ask what was the motivation for violating the Act:
"Pesticides are driving America's wildlife toward extinction, and this administration wants to remove the checks and balances that hold them accountable," said attorney Patti Goldman
Ah, I see, they are for exploitation of the environment for the gain of whom?
The Bush administration's 2004 rule had allowed the EPA to bypass the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in order to shorten the years-long process of reviewing whether each pesticide posed danger to any of the nation's 1,200-plus endangered species.
The pesticide industry? Regardless, it didn't do any good for us, the environment, or the animals and plants the EPA is supposed to protect. Moreover, this ruling demonstrates once again, that the Bush Administration is all about leading by faith over fact:
U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour in Seattle ruled that the process approved in 2004 was "less protective" of wildlife than the old process and that there was a "total absence of any technical and scientific evidence to support or justify" it.
That figures. This administration has been one giant dissapointment over and over again.


Anonymous said...

LATimes reg?

If the link takes you to the LATimes registration page, click 'Weather,' then enter 'pesticide' in the search box. A link to the article will appear, no reg required.

windspike said...

I do apologize - when I click it pops right into the article. That's my intent. Do try again if you will and if you can't get it directly search the times for Marla Cone's article: "EPA's Pesticide Streamlining Rejected".