Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Having Your Fear And Screwing The Democrats Too

So, here the Big Dick Cheney is trying to have it both ways once again...one of their special Rovian political parlor tricks. Paint the opponent one way:
The Chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, said the capture of Saddam Hussein would not make America any safer.
Okay, is that bad? Supposedly so given the context of the Veep's speechification today. But really, the next phase of the trick is to suggest that we are not safe from terrorism at this point in time. So, in my book it's either bad or not, but not a problem for one party to point out the same thing the other does.
There is still hard work ahead in the war on terror, and the central front of this war today is in Iraq. We can expect further acts of violence and destruction by the enemies of freedom
So, are we safer or not, Mr. Vice President? And why is it bad for the Democrats to point out the very thing you are saying yourself in a bold faced attempt to fleece the party loyal out of more dollars for yet another political campaign? Oh, no wait...that is the purpose. Nice trick Dick.

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