Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman Goes Independent, but Is He?

So, if you are a registered Connecticut voter, would you sign a petition to put Lieberman on the ballot as an independent in November? Certainly, if you are a Democrat you would have second and even third thoughts about it, but the decision would be easy: Nope. Why would you split your party vote to eventually pull a Nader and effectively give the GOP the "majority?" If you are a republican, it's a no brainer: You betchya! It's like having extra ammunition in the paintball contest and your competition only having six rounds.

Lamont's win sends a clear message to the Whitehouse. But the end result in November may well bust the purpose and victory wide open. This goes to my point. If Lieberman cared one iota about anyone but himself, he would step aside, and let Lamont run free and clear of his long shadow. On the other hand, Lieberman risks a second voter driven embarrassment if he really loses in November as well, now doesn't he?

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