Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Eerily Quite Over At Whitehouse dot Gov

I may be one of a very few who regularly visit the Whitehouse web location for kicks and giggles. Something odd is going on there that I thought would be worth mentioning. Usually, there are no posts on the weekend other than the President's radio address (which, does any one listen to at all, btw?). But over the last two days, there have been no posts under the news category. The last post was on the 7th of August, and really that was based on joint press availability that was conducted, I think very early in the AM on that day. Today's the 9th, and no new news posted. Just over two business days of nothing new to add to the MSM grist mill? Hmmm.

Over the same two or three days, there has been only one press gaggle conducted by Tony the Snow-job, but outside of that, no real action. To me, that seems rather eerie.

So, either the President really is on vacation, nothing newsworthy has happened at the whitehouse, or they are busy loading up the presidential propaganda catapult with some very large ammunition. Certainly, the absence of evidence isn't the evidence of absence. Could they be greasing the internal wheels for something big? I don't know. Any insiders out there have a clue about this two or three days of silence from the Whitehouse?


an average patriot said...

Hi Aaron
I would have to say they finally realize what we have known all along. They realize we all know they are full of shit.
He is never on vacation. As he says, he is either working or in conferenc. The little lying shit! He has to be realizing he is not in control.
Nothing is going his way anywhere and it wil not.I believe he is beinning to realize he fucked up and created one hell of a mess.
You can bet he will take no responsibility for any of it, he will blame us for his failures as usual, and someone else will be left to clean up his messes. Hopefully anyway, and I hope it is Gore!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're just gearing to sack Snow? Boy will I have fun with that if it happens! :-)