Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Difference That Gets You A Face To Face Meeting With The President

Sicophancy: That's the difference. Cindy Sheehan won't get a meeting like Rockey Vaccarella a Katrina survivor from St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. Do you know why? Cindy says things like:
When we went, the first time we went, there was a little over 700 crosses, now there’s over 1,800 crosses.

And I’m glad to hear everybody else’s words, because somebody’s gotta stop those lying bastards. Somebody has to stop them.
Rockey falls in to a whole different category of citizen - those not critical of Bush. Have a look:
THE PRESIDENT: It's an amazing country, isn't it, where --

MR. VACCARELLA: It is. You know, it's really amazing when a small man like me from St. Bernard Parish can meet the President of the United States. The President is a people person. I knew that from the beginning. I was confident that I could meet President Bush.

And my mission was very simple. I wanted to thank President Bush for the millions of FEMA trailers that were brought down there. They gave roofs over people's head. People had the chance to have baths, air condition. We have TV, we have toiletry, we have things that are necessities that we can live upon.

But now, I wanted to remind the President that the job's not done, and he knows that. And I just don't want the government and President Bush to forget about us. And I just wish the President could have another term in Washington.

THE PRESIDENT: Wait a minute. (Laughter.)

MR. VACCARELLA: You know, I wish you had another four years, man. If we had this President for another four years, I think we'd be great. But we're going to move on.

Mr. President, it's been my pleasure.

THE PRESIDENT: You're a good man, Rockey. Thank you all.

MR. VACCARELLA: You are, too. Thanks a bunch.
Well, the President won't be meeting with Ms. Sheehan any time soon, nor many of folks who blog on over here. But here's the point, and another person the president will selectively screen out of his view with the official presidential propaganda blinders on:
Editor -- If you want to gauge who's winning the war on terrorism, look to Spike Lee and the news. It seems to me as if Hezbollah is doing a better job of rebuilding Beirut than the Bush administration is doing rebuilding New Orleans. Hearts and minds. Hearts and minds.

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