Saturday, August 05, 2006

Secrets = Political Parlor Tricks

Now, if you ask me, the W, Rove and Co has some thing to loose in November. But they were the one's to suggest that playing political parlor tricks is wrong, no? But look: Tony the Snow job all but admits that the W, Rove and Co is all about not playing nice when it comes to politics:
Q Back on the minimum wage. It seems that the poison pill in this one was that Democrats couldn't get behind a minimum wage increase that was tied to the estate tax reform. Is the President committed to responsible -- in your words, a responsible minimum wage increase? And, if so, will he throw his weight behind a bill that does not tie minimum wage increase to estate tax?

MR. SNOW: I'm not going to judge the legislative strategy. Let me throw it to you a different way. Democrats -- the poison pill for Democrats is something that -- estate tax or death tax repeal that was very important for small businesses in this country, and people who for the first time in their lives have created enough personal wealth -- perhaps in the form of a house that's appreciated -- that they'd like to pass on to their kids. It's a very real and practical consideration around this country, and the President -- actually it was the Senate that bundled the three, and the President is disappointed that they didn't pass the bill. I'm restating what I said earlier. I don't want to go any further, because I'm not going to get into the point of prejudging.

Also, Senator Frist voted against yesterday, which gives him the option to have a motion to recommit, which very well may happen in September. This may not be the end of this particular attempt.

Q But are you saying the President wouldn't support a bill that addresses the minimum wage -- federal minimum wage --

MR. SNOW: I'm saying I'm not going to answer your question, because it involves legislative tactics that, frankly, I'm not at liberty to discuss, and therefore am not going to.
So, no doubt, Rove is deployed full time on working to make the Dems look bad here. I say, political parlor tricks abound and if it's bad for Dems, then it's bad for Repubs, particularly since it's the repubs who suggest it's bad.

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Anonymous said...

Taxing Joe's dream

The estate tax is a tax on Joe Sixpack's dream. Sixpack supports the end of the estate tax though his estate wouldn't pay it if he won the lottery.