Monday, August 21, 2006

Nothing Good To Say About Connecticut

Well, it looks like the President doesn't really appreciate the state in which he was born...more importantly, I have a question for the blogisphere: Is it important that the President is not going to back any one in CT? Explain:
Q And would you campaign against Senator Joe Lieberman, whose Republican candidate may support you, but he supports you, too, on Iraq?

THE PRESIDENT: I'm going to stay out of Connecticut. (Laughter.)

Q You were born there.

THE PRESIDENT: Shhh. (Laughter.) I may be the only person -- the only presidential candidate who never carried the state in which he was born. Do you think that's right, Herman? Of course, you would have researched that and dropped it out for everybody to see -- particularly since I dissed that just ridiculous looking outfit. (Laughter.)

Q Your mother raised you better than that, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: That is -- so I'm not going to say it --

Q There is Al Gore.

THE PRESIDENT: I don't want anybody to know that I think it's ridiculous. Look, I'm not through yet.

Q -- make-or-break issue for you?

THE PRESIDENT: And by the way, I'm staying out of Connecticut because that's what the party suggested, the Republican Party of Connecticut. And plus, there's a better place to spend our money, time, and resources --

Q But you're the head --

THE PRESIDENT: Right, I've listened to them very carefully. I'm a thoughtful guy, I listen to people. (Laughter.) I'm open-minded. I'm all the things that you know I am.

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