Thursday, August 17, 2006

Meanwhile Good News Keeps Pouring In From Iraq

Well, okay, it's not good news, but hey - at least the Whitehouse is admiting that they are floundering about in Iraq:
There were reports that an unnamed military expert had received briefings at the White House that we are continuing alternatives other than democracy in Iraq. It's just not true. The article does note, however, that there has been increased violence in Iraq in recent months, and that is absolutely true.
Who cares if Tony the Snow job bends the truth? Maybe it was a named military expert. Remember, violoence in Iraq is on the rise. Can that be good for Iraq? Can that be good for the American people? Nope.

We had testimony from General Abizaid last month; ones of the things he noticed is, I think he said the sectarian violence had been worse than he'd ever seen it, and that if trends continued, it could place Iraq on a path towards civil war.
Like they are not on that road already.

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