Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meanwhile, Uncle Karl's Makes A Love Call To Lieberman

It's very hard to get Uncle Karl's fingerprints on any dasterdly deed. And it is almost as rare to have his name mentioned in the whitehouse press gaggle, but here's what I found out today:
Q Can I ask on a different topic? Can you clarify the Karl Rove call to Joe Lieberman and what that was all about?

MR. SNOW: It was a personal call. Yes, as I sent you -- in fact, I may get Karl back here, if you're interested.

Q Yes.

MR. SNOW: It's probably best to let him describe, because he was in on the call. But this was not a call after the polls closed; it was not a political offer; it was not a political conversation. It was a personal conversation. And, you know, he's expressed some willingness to do it, so maybe I'll just grab him -- yank his tie and make him come back here.
So, we are supposed to believe that there was nothing political and it was all personal discourse between Rove and Lieberman? Hmmm

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