Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nine Year Olds Duke It Out: What Do You Do?

Pissed Off Patricia has some wonderful posts over at the Morning Martini. Here's one that I thought was worth rippin' off outright. No worries, I told her. See what you think or pop on over to her location for some good comments and dialog:
Let’s say you have a nine year old son and I have one too. We are neighbors. We look outside and see our kids fighting. They are hitting one another with big pieces of lumber and both are bleeding. Which do we do first? Do we try to figure out a way to keep them from fighting in the future, as they continue to beat the hell out of one another? Or do we stop the fight, get the kids cleaned up, see to their wounds, and then work on a way to stop them from fighting in the future?
Here's what I left in the commentary over there:
This is what I have been saying for quite some time. It seems like the W, Rove and Co have been suffering from a lack of high quality parenting and good adult supervision for the last five or so years.
Blog on all, blog on.


sumo said...

Saw the post and thought it was good. I think there were some rude people responding to it...why do people have to be rude in their comments? Yours was nice...

Anonymous said...

Forget the allegory

A thoughtful discussion on Lebanon can be found on 'tigerhawk' here.

Or skip directly to tigerhawks Comments, here. Clip: 'First, I think you ignore the big elephant in the room, namely Islam itself. The democratic Muslim “Average Abdul” will still be taught that his religion is superior and that infidels must be conquered. Ok so he hates the Jihadi’s methods, but I guarantee he sympathizes with the Jihadi’s goals. And therein lays the problem: Islam itself.'

glenda said...

PoP is wise. She always knows jus what to say to make a clear point.
Of course, the analogy really fits this situation too.