Friday, September 01, 2006

The Next Time A Republican Asks, "So What Plan Do You Have For Getting Us Out Of Iraq"

I was over at Pissed Off Patricia's for my Morning Martini, and she has a very interesting post that starts off thusly:
Dan Bartlett, was on Hardball last night and said that he wants to know how the Democrats plan to get out of Iraq. I would turn that question back on him and ask what is the Republican plan for getting out of Iraq.
Well, I thought that was a rather good way to handle it; flipping the question. Certainly, the folks of the GOP use that political trick all the time. But then I got to thinking.

If I were to begin a plan to fix the Iraq mess, the initial phases would be to replace all civilian military leaders and those military leaders loyal to W. But that is besides the point. The main reason why the GOP asks such questions is to throw a political drape over the real problem, that they have no plan themselves.

So, I think the minds of the blogisphere might be well suited to help opponents of the GOP win arguments by coming up with pithy statements to help sway the minds of thinking Americans when ever some republican "frightwing" puppet tries to suggest that the Democrats would be bad for America. This leads me to today's contest...drum roll please...

Windspike's Pithy Rejoinder Contest
  • Come up with a one sentence response to the question: "So, what plan do you have to get us out of Iraq?"
Patricia starts us off and says: "What plan do you have to get us out of Iraq."

My response is thus: "Do you really need or want my assistance to help you get out of the Iraq problem that you cannot solve?

Your turn...

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