Friday, September 01, 2006

If We Leave, Will They Follow?

I should fire up my itunes and click on U2's "I Will Follow" when reading comments to this question.

When the president says:
...if we leave the streets of Baghdad, the enemy will follow us to our own streets in America. (Applause.)
Do you agree or disagree? Explain.


isabelita said...

Al Qaeda could have attacked here any old time, from 9/11 onward. Still can. You know it, I know it, but not enough of the American people are thinking clearly to know it. This bloody lot of criminals in charge are speaking as if in some kind of dementia. Or worse, some cold calculated state of mind.
Would that the flypaper were sticking to Bush et al...

Enlightenment said...

No, "they" will not. The reason there hasn't been another attack against America since 9/11 is because the Cheney/Bush regime hasn't NEEDED one. "They" won't launch another "terrorist" attack on American soil unless it is politically expedient for the Cheney/Bush regime, the ones who brought you the ORIGINAL 9/11. If it serves the interests of this administration at some point in the future then there will be another "terrorist" attack. Otherwise, no. "They" are probably pretty glad the majority of Americans haven't figured out the truth about the first one. When the truth about 9/11 becomes common knowledge the Republican Party will become a PERMANENT minority party, probably not able to elect anyone dog catcher ever again.