Friday, September 15, 2006

Getting It "Right" The Republican Way

Is it me, or do the GOP politicos always spin things even if they were wrong to discredit otherwise credible individuals for their own political gain? Have a look at one more Rovian-style political parlor trick I call, "Smear The Academic."
A typical Horowitz cause celebre: a Colorado student whose professor allegedly gave her an F when she refused to agree that George W. Bush is a war criminal. When critics took a close look, though, it turned out that the student actually got a B, that she had misrepresented the assignment and that the professor was … a Republican.
Looks like it is open season on any one who disagrees with the "fright wing" agenda, even if they are dead wrong about said individuals. No worries on the "right," as the damage is done regardless and there will be no apologies for getting it wrong in the first place.

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isabelita said...

Heh. You'll love this: One of the people in a bookgroup we're in cited the National Review as a good source for factual, well-reasoned right-leaning articles. She thinks Bush is keeping her safe. This is a college-educated woman. Well, she is from North Carolina, and is religious. So smug and sanctimonious.