Thursday, September 14, 2006

Did You Ever Notice...

...that when a republican questions the W, Rove and Co they are not usually painted as unpatriotic, unamerican, terrorist sympathizers. But, when a democrat questions the W, Rove and Co they get painted as exactly that?

This is a fantastic question raised by one Whitehouse beat reporter in Thursday's press briefing:
Q Okay. So the President is having this debate not with a bunch of Democrats on the other side; he's having this debate with some Republicans on the other side -- there would be no attempt to question their commitment to the war on terror. Senators Warner and McCain and Graham are just as committed to winning the war on terror as anybody else.

Is the President concerned that should you give ground on this, or what the American public is hearing is not a debate between Republicans and Democrats, where it's easy to box the other side in as being weak on terror, but that perhaps the examination of the administration's policies for fighting the war on terror are going to be looked at through a different prism, and that perhaps you end up sort of losing a lot more ground by getting involved in this fight.

MR. SNOW: I hate to tell you, but once again you're trying to apply a political construct to the practical matter of trying to fight a --
Yeah, right. I thought so.

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