Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Who Is More Like The Nazis?

Well all know that turnabout is fair play.

For a fun tour down memory lane, I defer to Shea over at Constantly Amazed. He's got it spelled out quite nicely for those deficient in the Nazi history category:
So Rumsfeld wishes to compare us (who stand in opposition to the neocon bloodbath) to Nazis. Rumsfeld, a Nazi who works for Nazis! I know the web is awash with great responses. I thought I might add a few bits from an article called How Hitler Became a Dictator by Jacob G. Hornberger.

Compare this to the 9/11 incident:
The Reichstag fire: On February 27, Hitler was enjoying supper at the Goebbels home when the telephone rang with an emergency message: “The Reichstag is on fire!” Hitler and Goebbels rushed to the
Who is more like Nazis?

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SheaNC said...

Dank für die Verbindung! Werden wir überhaupt jene verfluchten Nazin los?