Thursday, September 07, 2006

Avoiding Ahmadinejad: Why Are We Not Getting A "Steel Cage Grudge Match?"

So, correct me if I am wrong, but if Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is going to address the UN General Assembly, that means he is coming to NYC. Could it be that this man would/should be allowed into our country?

And, if so, why can't we have a "Steel Cage Grudge Match" between him and our fair President Bush? That would be something I think many would buy tickets to see. Moreover, it might save lives if these two men sat down in a room, and they key was tossed out until they came to a peaceful resolution to their disagreements, no?

But you know, it looks to me like the President is avoiding Ahmadinejad in advance of his visit. Could it be our president is the “chicken hawk” many describe him to be?
Q What about the idea of Ahmadinejad -- speaking at the General Assembly on the 19th? Has the President heard about that? What does he think of that idea?

MR. SNOW: Well, you may recall, President Ahmadinejad spoke last year at the U.N. General Assembly. I believe that's where he thought people perceived a halo. And it was standard practice at the General Assembly to have heads of state attend and, if they wish, speak. So it's standard procedure.

Q Is he at all concerned about any kind of debate that might be -- pursuant to that? It's something that, obviously, Ahmadinejad is interested in.

MR. SNOW: There's not going to be a steel cage grudge match between the President and Ahmadinejad. The President will deliver his speech and at some other juncture, President Ahmadinejad, if the General Assembly so decides, will speak. This is not going to be a U.N. version of "Crossfire.'

Q Will the President be there when he speaks?

MR. SNOW: I have no idea.

All right. Well, thank you.

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Kvatch said...

I'd buy a ticket!