Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Every So Often Another Blogger Hits It Right On The Head

I was surfing my blog roll, i recommend to you, this evening because some times another person is just pissed off enough to lay it out better then I ever could.

Isa over at Learning to Sequence is not really a political blogger. She mainly is fun to read and a nice diversion from the usual rants. But today, I found that she really hits the nail on the head in two places.

First, reagarding Condi:
And reading about yet another bunch of twisted justification of the Iraq debacle from Condi Rice, wherein she compared this enormous fuckup in Iraq to the American Civil War, it was beyond irony to think how much she sounded like the good ole boys in the South. Uncle Tommin' it to the utmost. She's a poster child for "separate but equal."
And second reagarding who the real threat is:
The world's changing rapidly, and it's frightening to have to keep figuring out who the predators are, how to keep apace or try to moderate the pace.
The predators to watch are denned up in D.C. Not in a cave in Pakistan. If you pay attention to their howls, you can tell what's coming. And they'll eat their own if they have to.

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sumo said...

Thanks for that was well said. At the end...eating their own...the best mental picture of them I should think.