Friday, September 08, 2006

Are Democrats Bad For America?

I love reading the transcripts of Whitehouse Press Briefings. They are very entertaining.

But more than that they reveal to us how rhetorically twisted the W, Rove and Co is. Based on their logic, they must think the American people are stupid to use rhetoric to cover up and divorce themselves from the consequences of their actions. Indeed, actions do speak louder than words.

Have a look and let me see if you buy what Tony the Snow job was selling today. Ask yourself as you read this: What is the W, Rove and Co up to here? Are they uniting or dividing America?
Q Returning to the bright lines being drawn between Democrats and Republicans, I'd like to follow on a question the President was asked yesterday in an interview. He was asked by Charlie Gibson, does the President believe if the Democrats control one House or another of Congress, that America will be -- that security for America will be somewhat compromised in some way, that it's a less safe country if the Democrats control one of the Houses?

MR. SNOW: I'm just not playing ball on that.

Q It's not playing ball. It's a legitimate question, based on the last four speeches in eight days.

MR. SNOW: But I would invite you to go back and look at every one of those speeches and find for me the area in which the President tried to cleave between Democrats and Republicans.

Q So there's no attempt right now to show a distinction between Democrats and Republicans in how they handle the war on terror?

MR. SNOW: No, I think what's happening is that the President is making clear what his position is, and critics will respond, and people will be able to draw their distinctions.

Q Hang on a second. It is implicit what the President is doing.

MR. SNOW: No, but wait a minute -- the question -- no, it's not. Let me walk through a couple of things here, and I'm glad you asked.

For instance, to the notion that in coming up with suggestions for handling detainees that somehow was timed politically -- this was the first time it was possible to introduce this. The Hamdan decision came down in late June. It took a long time for people to go through this. We have had ongoing and very active efforts of senior members of this administration going back and forth to Capitol Hill, working with members of congress to try to deal with this seriously because it has interrupted out ability to collect intelligence. It has denied people the opportunity to know that people who have been charged with acts of terrorism are going to face justice. This is the first opportunity. Wednesday is the first day that both Houses of Congress were back from recess. That was the time to do it.

But what you've asked is, is there some sort of -- we're just not going to engage in speculation because we think we're going to win both Houses.

Q Okay, but -- I guess, let me rephrase that, because maybe I've done a poor job of setting up the premise. Obviously, the President is engaged in a process of drawing distinctions between Republicans and Democrats to lay out for the American people what the differences in the parties are.

MR. SNOW: Sure.

Q Okay --

MR. SNOW: He's framing the debate.

Q So let's take that to its logical conclusion. If the Democrats win, is America less safe?

MR. SNOW: We don't think the Democrats are going to win.
So, is it me or are the lies Tony is trying to feed us that transparent? Oh, and I do think they might be in for a big surprise in November, don't you?

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Agent KGB said...

Too bad the reporter had to waste all that time. Snow said absolutely nothing substantial.