Thursday, September 21, 2006

Psst: "When There Is Actionable Information, That Osama Bin Laden Will Be Brought To Justice"

Fitting squarely in the WTF does that mean category, we see another cryptic message coming from yet another Whitehouse spokes model delivered in another Presidential PR junket to Florida. As to why the President feels like he needs to go to Florida again is beyond me. Certainly, there are other States in this Union that would be happy to host the Presidential Propaganda Catapult Parade, but I digress.

Today, Dana Perino, subbing in for Tony the Snow job held a press gaggle aboard Air Force One. In that meeting one reporter asked an interesting question about OBL. Her answer was rather cryptic, which leads me to the following question:

If we read between the lines, should we anticipate that OBL will be caught, nicely tied, and delivered to justice with a snazzy red bow affixed atop his turban some time before November's election?

Q Would the President find it necessary to seek General Musharraf's permission to launch military action against Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan?

MS. PERINO: Let me tell you what I'll say on that. You know that President Musharraf is going to be at the White House tomorrow, and there will be an availability in the late morning hours. As we've said before, Pakistan is an important partner in the war on terror and a friend to the United States. We've had excellent cooperation in many areas, including counterterrorism. And the President has repeatedly said how much he appreciates Musharraf's commitment to pursuing al Qaeda and continuing to work with us in cooperation in the search for Osama bin Laden. Pakistan and the United States remain close allies, working not only on the war on terror together, but on many other areas.

What I can tell you is that -- without getting into any operational details -- that when there is actionable information, that Osama bin Laden will be brought to justice.

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