Thursday, September 21, 2006

Do You Know What The President Thinks?

It's hard to tell what the President is thinking now that a number of political leaders that are not beholden to the US of A for any reason spoke their minds freely at the UN over the past few days.

Have a look at how Tony the Snow job deflects some interesting questions at his last press gaggle:
Q Did the President watch President Ahmadinejad's speech last night?


Q He didn't. Has he been briefed on it? Does he have any reaction?

MR. SNOW: He's been briefed on it and his reaction was that we've been pretty clear on conditions for meeting with and talking with the Iranians -- which is to suspend the enrichment and reprocessing related activities and come to the table. There are a whole variety of benefits we want to make available to them, but we're not going to engage on specific points in his speech.

...Q Does the White House or the President have any reaction to the assertions that Ahmadinejad made regarding the U.S. having too much power in the U.N.?


...Q There have been a number of deadlines already set in the past. Specifically, how much longer would the U.S. wait -- days, weeks, months?

MR. SNOW: We're working with our allies.
What exactly is the President thinking? Hard to say.

A more important question is why he refused to meet with these people as they have flown to US soil on their own dime to be here. It would have been a very inexpensive way to build new bridges. Instead the W, Rove and Co. insists on using the three year-old-child's "we-won't-talk-to-you-if-you-don't-do-what-we-tell-you-to-do" approach to diplomacy? It's clearly a winning approach, isn't it?

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