Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We Know What The W, Rove And Co Thinks; How About The Rest of The World

Here's a great point articulated by the first question in today's whitehouse press briefing. It seems that more than one dignitary thinks things are not going well because of our Iraq Conflagration:
Q Kofi Annan, back from two weeks in the Middle East, says that most of the leaders that he spoke to thought the invasion of Iraq had been a real disaster for them and believe it's destabilized the region. Do you agree with that?
Well, now we can see how deep the denial is that Tony the Snow job and the rest of his cronies are about the situation in Iraq:
Well, that was definative:
Q Do you think it -- why not? I mean, it certainly looks like there's unrest.

MR. SNOW: Well, I'll tell you why. If you take a look at what's gone on in the region, you have attempts to establish democracies in Lebanon, you have an attempt to establish a democracy in the Palestinian areas. You have democracies now up and gaining their footing in Afghanistan and Iraq. And those are developments that are positive. Now, I'm not going to engage in a further disputation with the Secretary General of the United Nations, but I disagree with the characterization.
Again, we see that just because the whitehouse says something doesn't make it true. And, simply because Tony is going to disagree with Kofi's assessment doesn't make Annan wrong.

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