Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gay Marriage Versus Sirial Polygamy.

Looks like another celebrity marriage is going into the great heterosexual hitch and unhitch dung heap.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again: I stand before you to testify that there are large numbers of gay/same sex couples that have been together in a monogamous, mutually loving, committed and caring relationship longer than many heterosexuals. These people are much better role models than Charlie Sheen and whichever starlet he necks next. Why must homosexual couples suffer the indignity of not being official recognized because some bigots still follow biased segments of the bible?

Again, let's not ban same sex marriage. Let's ban celebrity marriage, smokers and obese people from marring each other. It would serve their offspring better.


volterwd said...

Opposing same sex marriage on religious grounds hardly makes one a bigot... and perhaps us religious 'bigots' are also opposed to the things you mentioned that you claimed we were being hippocritical about.

Opposing same sex marriage isnt the same thing as being homophobic

windspike said...

Dear Volterwd,

I am wondering, did I use the word homophobic? No. I said Bigot. Bigotry knows no shape or color, or religion for that matter.

Why didn't you answer any of my questions?

I am still waiting for that perfect explaination as to how same-sex marriage tarnishes heterosexual marriage to the degree that the heteros need protection from the thugs in the government.

Haven't heard one yet.

Anonymous said...

Two and one-half men

When you spend your life working at being someone else, someone you're not (and never could be), What must that do to you?

Maybe the money and celebrity isn't worth it.

windspike said...

I suppose celebrity isn't worth it, but when you have a great writer and good dialoge, it is easy to fake it.

The irony of it is that when interacting with an actor/ress, you never know if they are for real, or simply acting well.