Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's getting Drafty!

As Jim Hightower points out, the trouble with lying is that once you start, you can never stop.

Rolling Stone has caught W, Rove and Co with their lying pants on fire one more time.

Slice from today's Hightower commentary:

In last year's presidential run, young voters were wary that Bush & Co. was quietly preparing for a military draft. The concern was spreading so quickly that George himself was rushed out to denounce what he called "rumors on the Internets," and he flatly declared: "We're not going to have a draft – period." Donnie Rumsfeld went even farther, offering this absolute statement: "The idea of reinstating the draft has never been debated, endorsed, discussed, theorized, pondered, or even whispered by anyone in the Bush administration."

The problem for political liars is that they don't know when to stop. They keep piling it on until the lie becomes too extreme and too big to be true. Rumsfeld's denial, for example, was incredible when he issued it, and now we learn that it was patently untrue – ie, a bald-faced lie issued for political purposes.

Rolling Stone magazine recently unearthed an internal selective service memo that reveals the lie. It details a meeting with two of Rummie's top aides early in 2003, specifically to debate, discuss, ponder, and otherwise consider reinstating the draft. Indeed, the head of the selective service later testified before congress that, following "consultations with senior Defense manpower officials," the agency began preparing a plan to draft Americans who have special skills that the military needs, such as nurses and doctors....

End Slice:

Are the reichwing youth, of a draftable age, now shaking in their boots? Will Jenna and Barbara Bush be required to register with selective service when it happens? If they do, will they get a nice plum assignment like their daddy before them?

I went to the Rolling Stone location to try and find the memo that Hightower speaks of, and found a nice set of memos that point out some of the torture hypocrisy Rummy has shoveled us. And the reichwingers continue to eat up the fabricated truth, for whatever reason I cannot comprehend... Are they not paying attention?

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