Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Aging Commie Pinko

Lately, certain slang terms used primarily in a derogatory manner have been recycled (like W, Rove and Co. judge appointees) by the reichwingers in their atempts to discredit otherwise insightful commentary. Like the use of the suffix -gate to indicate scandal (e.g. watergate, fajita-gate, etc..) it is time to put these tired old aphorisms to rest. They simply don't apply nor did they really hold any water when it comes to discrediting individuals.

Two of my favorites are "Hippie," and "Commie," or "Pinko Commie." These tired old terms simply don't apply to folks in this Millenium. Moreover, using such slang to attempt to discredit an argument doesn't work. Try for a change, calling things as they are, and using logical rhetoric and factual references to tell us that you think we are wrong.

Slinging hate, and in partucularl, using out-dated words and phrases to do it is just plain unoriginal. Let's put these terms to rest, and invent some new ones.

List your favorite terms that should be retired in a comment below.

Thank you


Mac said...

Fantastic post. I just finished responding to a krischin hate post on my own blog.

The problem is, we have game-boyed and dumbed-down our own populace a) to the point where we've got a shrub running the country for a second term, b)we've over-committed our nation's military around the world, and now we're having a difficult time recruiting grist for the mill (more out-dated rhetoric, but applicable

Outdated rhetoric: in addition to Commies and Pinkos, let's add queers, since we've taken back that word as a symbol of unity and empowerment of the GLBT community over krischin panic about family values and "preserving" marriage (which I presume, means keep the divorce lawyars in business.) 'nuff said. "Reich Wing." I like that. I refer to our Kah-lee-4-knee-ah governator as the gropenfuehrer, so maybe When the rhetoric is outdated but fits like a glove... Cheers, friend.

MoxieGrrrl said...

I LOVE Pinko Commie.

That one's great. My friend RoseBlood loves to use it in common conversation.

I.e.: That goddamn waitress still hasn't brought me a refill on my fucking coffee! Pinko commie...

SheaNC said...

I drive a 67 VW Bus, so I should qualify as a hippie just for that. Once a group of little kids pointed at the bus and yelled "Woodstock!" :)

I try to be careful about name calling, but I call hypocrites by that name all the time, since it is one of my pet peeves. I guess I stear clear of slang unless I'm in that slangin' mood.

One nice thing about the suffx -gate is that it serves as an eternal reminder that the republicans gave us the scandal by which all others are judged. Even when they say somthing like "Monica-gate", they are pointing out there own shortcomings.

Hey Mac, I live in Northern Cal and I use the word Gropenfuhrer too, as well as Bubengrabber. Sounds like we might both be tuning in Christine Craft on talk radio :)

SheaNC said...

Okay, I just got that one now - krischins - ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

''Theocon'' (MyDD)''


In 1996, Jacob Heilbrunn wrote a prescient article, The new fault line on the right: Neocon v. Theocon. The description of the merge between Catholics and Christians is a powerful precursor to why George Bush won in 2004, the states of NV, CO, and NM (this alliance of theocons has spread to Europe as well).

It's a worldview that allows fundamentals of all stripes to unite behind their shared belief-- that their own set of beliefs are those that should guide the government. It's not surprising that theocons among christians and and catholics in the US resonate together and support muslims in Iraq, for none are in control of the government. For the moment, further theological divisions are set aside for the common goal of a theocratic movement to takeover control of the law ... save the liturgical war for later.