Thursday, March 03, 2005

W Should be Quacking Like a Duck

Can anyone say Lame Duck yet?

This just in from today's NYTimes pollsters:

Americans say President Bush does not share the priorities of most of the country on either domestic or foreign issues...

...Four months after Mr. Bush won a solid re-election over Senator John Kerry, 63 percent of respondents say the president has different priorities on domestic issues than most Americans. Asked to choose among five domestic issues facing the country, respondents rated Social Security third, behind jobs and health care. And nearly 50 percent said Democrats were more likely to make the right decisions about Social Security, compared with 31 percent who said the same thing about Republicans.

"There are so many other things that seem to me to be more critical and immediate: I think the national debt is absolutely an immediate thing to address," said Irv Packer, 66, a Missouri Republican. He added, "Another one that I'd really like to see people working on is the environment."

End slice:

Even some of my republican friends have turned off Bush and have reverted to watching American Idol instead of the news.

What was that Timothy Leary said: "Tune in, Turn on, and Drop out?" Perhaps the message to our wayfaring president should be: "Clue in, Clue on, or Get Out!"

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mulligan said...

Why or why couldn't they have realized this sooner?!?