Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another Bad Day for Scott Peterson

Well, no doubt, you have already heard. Scott Peterson gets the State sponsored (and tax payer dollar supported) trip to the chemical drip.

That is, until he exhausts the appeals process.

I'm wondering: Do you think the good Christians in favor of artificially feeding Terri Schievo are jumping for joy on this news?

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FunaBashing said...

Well, I think that the mix here is unbalanced. Peterson is a horrible man, and what he did is wrong, but the CA penal system will likely just use up a lot of money and never carry out the sentence. From the economic aspect it is possible to oppose the death penalty in CA. From the Christian perspective, all people die. When they die is God's decision, not man's, and certainly not a still-married husband's. That is my opinion, and not a judgment.

The people I feel sorry for the most are the doctors and the judges.