Friday, March 25, 2005

Help! My Marriage Needs Protecting

I was listening to NPR's "Your Call" this AM. One of the commentators mentioned that not very many people have made the link between the Terri Schiavo case and the denegration of the institution of marriage. Lets think about this a bit.

Aparently, the sanctimoneous prophelactic the reichwingers have been trying to wrap around heterosexual marriage has been ruptured inseminating words of hatered and venom toward all those who believe contrary to their "right-to-life" extremist views. Every dagger slung toward Michael Schiavo makes a bigger hole in the argument for protecting marriage and the sanctity of the institution between a man and a woman.

Why hasn't the government pushed the position of protecting Michael Schiavo's rights as a Husband to know what the wishes of his wife are? Every move made in this whole sad case of Terri Schiavo works to further kill the movement to protect marriage in general - between man and a woman, or any other permutation it takes.


Zach said...

It seems odd that you're claiming that he should be granted this kind of right due to the sanctity of marriage when he's been living with another woman for years, and has two kids with this other woman, without having divorced his wife. It kind of takes away from the "sanctity of marriage" argument.

Rich said...

His rights don't come from being her husband. They come from the fact that the court appointed him as her guardian....originally with no objections from her parents. Perhaps being her husband played a large part in that, but the law doesn't give him the rights he has based solely on being her spouse.

The sanctity of marriage is not on trial here. In fact, the court is ignoring the fact that he is in violation of his marriage vows, yada, yada, yada, and is ignoring his behaviour because it is immaterial to the fact that he is indeed her legal, court-appointed guardian, and they feel there is no just cause to revoke that guardianship.....regardless of how much of a jerkoff he may be.

mulligan said...

How is he being a jerkoff? He's trying to do what he feels Terri would want. He could have walked away from this years ago. Only a few months ago he was offered a million dollars to walk away from this. He hasn't. Just because you don't agree with him doesn't make him a jerkoff.

SheaNC said...

The republicans don't honor any institution, whether it is marriage, property ownership, or anything else. Their purpose is to take what you have. Tat's what the "ownership society" is: they own everything.

Remember that old episode of The Outer Limits (or was it The Twilight Zone)? "It's a cookbook!"